One Human Race
How Posey's Paintings, LLC and "One Human Race" Began:

In 2005, Kristen attempted painting her very first large canvas using acrylic paint to create art for their first home.  She attempted to paint a combination of several scenes from different paintings from her favorite local artist's work that she loved but felt was missing the diversity she wanted to see in her own home's art/paintings.  Kristen added diversity to the scenes by painting different skin colors/tones and by depicting varied age ranges for the characters in her paintings. She melded portions of 2-3 of her favorite artist’s scenes into one scene for her own painting so that the diversity in the art reflected that of her own circle of friends and family in real life.  To Kristen’s surprise, friends, family, and even coworkers began bartering and commissioning her to paint for them.  Kristen's confidence and skill level in painting improved with practice, and she fell in love with the creative outlet and opportunity to express herself with paint.  

Kristen's most favorite store at the time in Georgetown, Texas (her beloved hometown) was Wonderful Things, and the wonderful owner, Sharon McKinnon, hung one of Kristen’s first large canvas paintings for sale in her store.  It brought Kristen immense joy and pride to have one of her own paintings hanging in her favorite store in her hometown…so much so that the idea of selling her painting to anyone made her sad because it meant more to her to have a painting hanging downtown than it did to sell it, so she priced it ridiculously high thinking no one would ever want to purchase it.  Again, to her surprise, it sold anyway, so she donated proceeds & painted another one for the gift shop.

Circa 2010, Kristen's friend, David Contreras, invited Kristen to paint a "Getting Ready" Collection for his amazing Makeover 911 Glam Squad "Recycled Jeans" denim bag collection. David encouraged & helped Kristen host her first art showings at two of his downtown salons that were fundraisers for "SafePlace."  It was called "Weekend of Hope," and a popular local radio station personality was Master of Ceremonies.  Kristen decided to team up with Stanfield Law Firm in Austin, Texas to establish Posey's Paintings, LLC so she could copyright her paintings and have legal help drawing contracts as needed for donations & authorized use. With support and encouragement from Kristen's friends & family, Kristen spent those summers painting & soon discovered she found great joy & a sense of contribution in donating her paintings and/or a portion of proceeds from the sale of her paintings to non-profits such as Homeless, Battered Women’s, and Animal Shelters; Honduras Good Works; Haley Curls Foundation; & Cancer Research organizations such as The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Circa 2014, Kristen was pleasantly surprised with an invitation to be the featured artist at the capital in Austin, Texas for State Representative Larry Gonzales's District 52 by painting a glass ornament that would hang on the Christmas tree in the capital.  Kristen painted a scene of Indians welcoming settlers migrating to Round Rock, and to this day is humbled, honored, and extremely appreciative for that opportunity. This motivated Kristen to try to paint more often, so she opened an online store in 2015 at with hopes this would inspire her to carve out more time to paint and improve overall work/life balance.

In July of 2016, Kristen (like many) found herself feeling concerned about the increased violence in our country that she was seeing on the news and felt sad about the way people were treating each other.  She posted a poem on FB she had written titled "Ode to America" imploring leadership from peacemakers and light seekers that ended in the words, "celebrate the many colors of the face, let's all join together as one human race."  After weeks of prayer and asking God how she could possibly make a positive difference in the world with just her one little light, God put it on her heart to trademark the phrase "One Human Race."  Kristen believes our intuitions are essentially the essence of God speaking to us, and in this instance she’s especially grateful she listened and faithfully abided.  

By February 2017 (approximately 7 months later,) Kristen finally received verification her trademark was in good standing. She created a logo for her trademark and a One Human Race product line of t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, bracelets, bags, and more, and she has hopes that the small logo will make a big impact reminding us all that we are all part of One Human Race regardless of our respective differences. 

United Christian Church's pastor, John Gage, delivered an inspiring message in Jan. 2017 that spoke to Kristen's heart encouraging members of the congregation to be brave in shining their light in the world.  This is Kristen's way to shine her light & try to make a positive impact. Please join her in the effort!  Whether you purchase items or just browse the site, Kristen's hope is that what you see & read touches your heart & inspires you to shine your own light, as well. Thank you for checking out Posey's Paintings & for purchasing One Human Race products!